This page is important if you purchased a cracked-screen replacement warranty to provide coverage in the unlikely event ROKSOLID failed to protect your screen.

Your warranty policy is valid for 1 year from the product purchase date and requires activation within 30 days. You should not purchase a screen warranty if your screen is already cracked or broken, resulting in a diagnostic test fail which may invalidate your warranty.

To activate your warranty, use your mobile device to click here and follow the instructions on the registration form. Please remember that you must apply the ROKSOLID ceramic coating formula on your device screen in order to validate your warranty. In addition, you are required to perform a diagnostic test on your device as a part of the registration process. If your diagnostic test fails, don't worry a call center associate will get in touch with you to offer a solution.

To submit a claim please contact 833-251-5693 and have your policy number ready. Terms & conditions about your warranty can be accessed here.