ROKSOLID Performance Audit

ROKSOLID's ceramic coating technology is used on 10 milion car windshields every year in America. We always knew our product was better than most but instead of just claiming it, we thought we'd prove it. 

Drop Test:

Standard Test Method Resistance of Coatings to the effects of Impact (ASTM D2794-93)
The impact test was completed using a 2lb & a 0.5" indenter.

Scratch Test:

Standard Test Method for Film Hardness by Pencil Test (ASTM D3363-05)

 Product Phone Make Scratch Test
Competitor Product A Motorola 6H+
Samsung 6H+
Competitor Product B L.G. 6H+
Samsung 6H+
Samsung 6H+


Test carried out on June 29, 2020 by Applied Technical Services, inc, 1049 Triad Court, Marietta, Georgia 30062. Case reference 336880.