ROKSOLID Liquid Glass

What Is It? 

ROKSOLID ceramic coating technology creates a protective shield on the screen of your device which doubles the strength and durability of your screen. ROKSOLID makes your phone scratch and crack proof while also providing increased visual clarity, antibacterial protection and repelling of the elements. The liquid-glass compound found in ROKSOLID is used to protect over 10 million car windshields every year in the USA and it will make your screen as hard as a rock!

Product Benefits


Why Do I Need It?

Here are some figures that will blow your mind. Nearly two phones are cracked or smashed in the USA every second, that’s 5,761 phones an hour and over 50 million phones per year. As a matter of fact, 56% of Americans crack or damage their screens every year, costing them $3.4 billion to fix. ProtectMyPhone’s ROKSOLID protection ensures that you never become one of these statistics!

How Does It Work?

ROKSOLID liquid glass is made of a unique Silicone Oxide coating which contains a ceramic coupling agent that chemically bonds into the glass surface of your device. This fuses the glass creating a hydrophobic and protective layer which caps the glass pores in your glass. As such, ROKSOLID improves the durability, visibility and strength of your device while protecting it from cracks, scratches, bacteria and the elements.