Retrieval Tips

Retrieval Tips

Please remember that you will probably be collecting your lost device from a complete stranger. We advise that you meet the finder in a public place and not at their or your home address. In the event that you agree to meet the finder in a secluded or private place, we advise you to take a friend with you and/or ensure that someone knows where you are going and when you should be back. 

Alternatively, if you cannot or would prefer not to meet in person, think of arranging a mutually convenient drop off location with the finder. 

You may also consider using a professional courier service to arrange the collection and return of your device.

We advise that you do not give any personal information to a finder. Remember that a small amount of personal information can be used to identify you.

You have no obligation to make any payment to a finder. In the event a finder may request payment from you in return for your device, the decision to comply is at your entire discretion. Please notify us immediately if a finder displays an unethical or abusive behavior for the return of your device.

Most important of all, please be safe. Just because a finder has gone to the effort of trying to return your device does not mean that you should ignore common rules on personal safety.

Disputes with finders

Please report any dispute with a finder to us immediately. In particular, please report any difficult finder who insists on receiving money or some other form of payment in exchange for returning your personal device. Remember that all communication with finders are recorded for the purpose of avoiding and/or resolving any disputes.