About Us

We at Protect My Phone hate losing or breaking our phones. Trust us, we know what we’re talking about but we have the feeling that you may too! Now, for those like us who have tried buying cell phone insurance, there’s no way you could have been happy about splashing out $200 only to find out you have to pay another $300 for what they call a deductible in case something bad happens to your device, despite being covered! This made us think.
What we all secretly want is to never break or lose our phone, even when we are so-called, ‘covered’. What we want is to feel protected when inevitable bad things happen to our phone, like dropping it or leaving it behind at Starbucks. We want those bad things happening to our phone to somehow not end up being…bad! In other words, that phone you dropped never actually broke or that phone you thought you had lost actually made it back in your pocket. Unfortunately there are few happy endings in the cell phone drama genre 🙁.


Because we’re hopeless romantics and love making cell phone owners happy, we came up with Protect My Phone to give you the peace of mind that your phone is protected at all times from sad endings. We are not another expensive case or screen protector company. We try to be innovative while staying laser-focused on our mission to protect your phone with solutions which have been extensively tested and proven to work.
We can hear you thinking ‘this is going to be expensive’! What if we told you a men’s haircut costs more than Protect My Phone - while ending badly a lot more often too. Our Protect My Phone+ products which include a selection of screen warranties will set you back the price of a women’s haircut (ok, maybe not in New Jersey). Too good to be true? Nope, it’s just that the other guys have been ripping you off for years and you got used to it! To celebrate your newly found freedom, let’s all join hands and say out loud: