Mobile Protection, Reinvented

Protect My Phone offers proven protection against a very expensive problem we have all experienced: breaking our screen.

What Is Protect My Phone?

Protect My Phone utilizes ceramic coating technology to create a protective shield for the screen of your device. This shield doubles the strength and durability of your screen, making your phone twice as crack and scratch resistant. By applying Protect My Phone you won't only protect your phone from breakage you will also improve the visual clarity of your screen, add antibacterial protection, and help to guard your device against the elements.  


Why Do I Need It?

Here are some figures that will blow your mind. Nearly two phones are cracked or smashed in the USA every second, that’s 5,761 phones an hour and over 50 million phones per year. As a matter of fact, 56% of Americans crack or damage their screens every year, costing them $3.4 billion to fix. ProtectMyPhone’s protection ensures that you never become one of these statistics!

See It In Action

How It Works

Protect My Phone is made of a unique Silicone Oxide coating which contains a ceramic coupling agent that chemically bonds into the glass surface of your device. This fuses the glass creating a hydrophobic and protective layer which caps the glass pores of your screen. Protect My Phone improves the durability, visibility and strength of your device while protecting it from cracks, scratches, bacteria and the elements.

What's Included?

SCREEN PROTECTION - 1 cleaning wipe + 1 sealant wipe



How To Apply Protect My Phone?

Step - 1

Using disposable gloves to protect your hands, open the Glass Prep Packet and wipe evenly across the entire device screen. 

Step - 2

 Let liquid stand for 1 minute.

Step - 3

Without wiping off the Glass Prep liquid, wipe on Glass Shield evenly across the device screen. 

Step - 4

 Let liquid stand for 2 minutes. 

Step - 5

Wipe off any residual using a clean, damp cloth, and dry thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. 

Step - 6

 Your phone is ready for use as normal with max strength reached within 12 hours.