Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions on ProtectMyPhone, ROKSOLID Liquid Glass, TagMyPhone, your Warranty or any other questions our FAQ section is here to help.

ProtectMyPhone Warranty

The ProtectMyPhone+ Warranty covers $100, $200 or $300 (based on the level of protection you purchase) of accidental damage to the screen of your device (screen breakage, cracks, or material damage to the screen). It does not cover loss. You can see the full terms & conditions of your warranty here.

The ProtectMyPhone+ Warranty can be activated by visiting 

Please enter the unique policy number found in your ProtectMyPhone pack. Your warranty must be activated online within 30 days of purchase.

Your coverage begins on the day of purchase of your ProtectMyPhone+ pack. You must register your warranty within 30-days in order for your warranty to be validated. Your coverage is applicable to 1 device for a 12 month period.

ProtectMyPhone+ covers damage to your device’s screen. It does not cover liquid, software or damage to other parts of your device. It does not cover theft or loss of your device or any malicious or intentional damage.

1. Activation Code - Found inside your ProtectMyPhone+ package.

2. Basic Personal Information – Name, full address, email, and phone number.

3. Device IMEI or MEID – Usually found on the box, on back or under the battery of the device.

4. Device phone number

5. Wireless carrier

6. Make of device

7. Model of device

8. Color of device

9. Built-in storage of device (64gb, 128gb, etc)

10. Device purchase date


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting started. Please contact us via and let us know the issue. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to assist you. 

Please login to your account and click on the "file claim” link. Here you’ll be provided with all the information you need to file your claim as well as a list of close by providers who can assist you with a screen repair.  

Your ProtectMyPhone+ entitles you to one claim up to the value of your purchased protection ($100, $200 or $300) during the 12 month period from the purchase date of your warranty.

We have over 10,000 repair partners nationwide. Please find one of our closest partners for repairs here. In the unlikely event a partner is not close enough for you to travel to. You have the option of mailing in your device to be repaired.

ROKSOLID Liquid Glass

ROKSOLID Liquid Glass is made of a unique Silicone Oxide Coating called Chem/Etch which contains a ceramic coupling agent that chemically bonds into the glass surface of your device. This fuses the glass creating a hydrophobic and protective coating by capping the glass pores in your glass. ROKSOLID Liquid Glass improves the durability, visibility and strength of your device while protecting it from cracks, scratches and the elements.

ROKSOLID utilizes the latest in nanotechnology to improve the quality and strength of the glass of your device. ROKSOLID creates a Quantum bond that chemically fuses into the glass molecules creating a strong covalent bond. 

The Quantum Ceramic Coating of ROKSOLID creates a protective shield on the glass of your device that increases the safety and durability with increased visual clarity and repelling of the elements.

1. Using the disposable gloves to protect your hands, open the Glass Prep Packet and wipe evenly across the entire device screen.

2. Let liquid stand for 1 minute. 

3. Without wiping off the Glass Prep liquid, wipe on Glass Shield evenly across the device screen. 

4. Let liquid stand for 2 minutes. 

5. Wipe off any residual using a clean, damp cloth, and dry thoroughly with a microfibre cloth.


No, not at all, ROKSOLID Liquid Glass has been designed, used and tested in the USA across multiple professional industries. We are already used in over 10 million automobiles in America. There are no harmful aspects to the use of ROKSOLID on your device. Quite the opposite, it will increase the strength of the glass on your device, while improving its clarity, it’s responsiveness and acting as an antibacterial shield.

Unfortunately not, if your screen is already cracked it is highly likely that it will continue to weaken and the crack will become larger. It is not advisable to put anything on your screen if this is the case. If your screen is cracked it is advisable to have the crack repaired before applying the ROKSOLID Liquid glass, which will ensure it is protected against future damage. 

At ProtectMyPhone we’re proud to offer the longest lasting, strongest and most durable liquid glass on the market. Unlike our competitors who claim their products must be reapplied every 12 months, Rok Solid Liquid Glass will protect your device’s screen for up to 3 years. No one can match the strength and durability of our protection.

No, our unique Rok Solid Liquid Glass is designed specifically to strengthen and bond with the glass of your device. It is not designed to work with metal or plastic so we do not recommend using it on anything other than the screens of your devices.

Yes, as well as strengthening the glass of your device and improving the clarity, our ROKSOLID Liquid Glass will also remove any existing bacteria from your screen. Once the bonding has completed your ROKSOLID Liquid Glass will act as a defense shield against any future bacteria, oil or smudges on your screen.

ROKSOLID liquid glass is designed to increase the strength and bond with the glass in the following types of device screens. 

  • Smartphones 
  • Tablets 
  • Smartwatches 
  • Laptop Screens


No, ROKSOLID improves the strength of your screen, protects from bacteria and enhances the responsiveness and clarity of your device. It is designed for the screen of your device and not any internal components. This removes the risk of any potential warranty issues. 

We offer more protection than any one else on the market. Each pack of ProtectMyPhone contains 2 ML of ROKSOLID Liquid Glass which can cover up to 3 phones, or 1 phone, 1 tablet & 1 smart watch. There is not another competitor on the market that offers coverage for more than 1 device. Please remember that if you buy a ProtectMyPhone+ with a warranty for screen damage you are only covered on repairs of 1 nominated device.


Your order will be sent via (details) and should arrive in (details). If your order has not arrived please get in touch with us via with your first name, last name & order number and we will assist you.

If you order has not arrived please get in touch with us via with your first name, last name & order number.


Downloading the TagMyPhone app is easy. If you’re using an Apple iOS device you can download the app from the App Store. If you’re using an Android device, you can download the app from Google Play Store.

Visit on your device mobile browser. Create an account on the home page or click on the Sign Up button and  fill in the required details. You will then need to activate with a code or by selecting your ProtectMyPhone subscription. Once you're account is activated, a unique ID is assigned to your account. Please download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Log into the app and follow the onscreen instructions to setup the lock screen image and start protecting your device.

Please make sure to enter a verified email address as this is important, we’ll need to contact you via email if your device is lost.

Adding our protection service to your lock screen should take less than a minute. Once you have created and activated an account on, please install and launch the app from  App Store or Google Play Store.

On first launch, you will be taken to the setup wizard

Step 1: Select Background. You can take a photo or add your own background image.

Step 2: Customize Text. Set the font color, adjust icon size and font size. 

Step 3: Background & Position. Select background color for the strip & adjust transparency. The position of the strip can also be adjusted on this screen. 

When done press 'Save' to store the new custom lock screen image on your device. Finally, set the new custom lock screen image as your lock screen wallpaper. Please refer to your manufacturer guidelines for instructions to set lock screen wallpaper

Simple, enter your activation code on TagMyPhone website after creating your account.

Have an error with your product code? Contact a member of the TagMyPhone team for assistance. 

Signing up without a TagMyPhone activation code is just as easy as signing up with one. You can purchase an activation code from ProtectMyPhone and follow the steps outlined above.

In the unfortunate event that you lose a device protected by TagMyPhone, you have an option to proactively report your device missing. This will notify anyone who finds your device with an advanced message on how they can return it to you. Simply log into your TagMyPhone account via the website and click on “Report Loss”. From here you’ll have the option to report your device missing and leave instructions to the finder of your device.

First and foremost, thank you for reaching out to the owner via TagMyPhone. Returning a lost device to its owner has never been so easy, fast and safe. 

Step 1 - The first thing you need to do is visit and type in the 16-digit ID number shown on the lock screen of the device you found, as well as your email address (which stays hidden at all times). 

Step 2 - You will then be redirected to a secure chat room where you can send a message to the owner to let him/her know you have their phone and arrange a mutually convenient pick-up or drop off location. 

Check out our How It works page for more information.

We’ve made it very easy to change the picture on your lock screen whilst keeping your TagMyPhone protection. REMEMBER, ALL WALLPAPER CHANGES NEED TO BE DONE VIA THE APP TO TRANSFER YOUR LOCK SCREEN PROTECTION TO ANOTHER PICTURE.

Step 1: Open the TagMyPhone app.
Step 2: In your My Account page, select your current 16-digit ID and click the button that says “Set up Screen Protection” 
Step 3: Within the TagMyPhone wallpaper editor page, click select picture and choose any personal lock screen picture of your choice. 
Step 4: Save the image and follow the instructions to add the new image to your lock screen 

A lifetime subscription to TagMyPhone starts at $19.99 for a single activation code. There are Family Activation plans & Family+ Activation plans that reduce the cost of each subscription. Prices may vary depending on countries.

We’ve put together some handy retrieval tips for recovering your missing device here

Yes, it’s easy to transfer your TagMyPhone lock screen protection to a new device. The first thing you need to do is download the TagMyPhone app on your new device, or restore the TagMyPhone app from a previous device backup file. Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in and go to your account page to click on “Set Up Screen Protection”. You’ll see a message saying, “ID already in use, transfer to this device?”, Simply select “Yes” and your TagMyPhone ID can be added to your new device by following the same simple set up steps you used on your previous device. 

We’re always adding new languages to TagMyPhone. Right now our app is supported in:
English, Spanish, French & Arabic.

Yes, changing your details within the TagMyPhone app is simple. Log into your TagMyPhone account via your app or and navigate to the My Details page. 

Of course! As long as your TagMyPhone account is active, your protection is on all the time.

It is as secure as it gets! First, neither party see each other's personal details as the chat is administered by a centralized engine hiding email addresses on both sides. There are simply no electronic ways for finders in possession of your items to find out who they are speaking with during the retrieval process. We do not advise our owners to disclose any information about their identity as they are conversing with finders to organize pick-up. Second, it is clearly stated that all chat conversations are recorded to prevent and/or settle any unlikely unethical behaviours. TagMyPhone will use these recordings if necessary to safeguard the interest of its members against any rare case of ill-intentioned finders.

Yes, TagMyPhone and Tag My Phone are exactly the same service (even though TagMyPhone is the correct name of the app!) and both spellings can be used to search the app in the app store.

No. Our service relies solely on the altruism of others and you are in no way required to reward the finder of your missing device. Any reward/compensation is at the sole discretion of users.

While we continue to expect high recovery rates for our members’ missing devices, we simply cannot guarantee a successful outcome every time as certain environmental factors are down to luck. We apologize in advance if it happens to you. Please do not hesitate to visit our terms and conditions or contact us to get in touch. 

Yes, no matter where you are in the world, our online retrieval system allows finders to contact owners of lost devices protected by TagMyPhone safely through our anonymous chat system. You can therefore arrange to have your lost device returned anywhere in the world.

Our retrieval system relies on you having up-to-date details registered to your ID number to ensure that you can be notified in case your device is recovered. It is your responsibility to monitor your account and make sure your correct email information is valid. Click here for details on how you can update your email.

TagMyPhone works in unison with Find My iPhone or Android Device Manager. Those services are somewhat limited as they require wi-fi or cellular connection to operate and, more importantly, your location services to be switched on. TagMyPhone works without any such limitations and should therefore be seen as a handy complement (or outright substitute) to Find My iPhone.